Elliott Counseling Group

EMDR at Elliott Counseling Group

Elliott Counseling Group has expanded to offer an integrative psychotherapy approach called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, proven to be effective for healing trauma.  Fourteen therapists at Elliott Counseling Group completed specialized EMDR training. We are now providing this service to both child and adult clients as a new therapeutic modality.

Elliott Counseling Group decided to invest in this training recognizing that the root cause for people seeking therapy is often an underlying trauma. EMDR is often more effective and has quicker effects than traditional talk therapy alone. 

EMDR Therapy takes place in a normal office setting. It uses eye movement to mimic REM sleep while processing memories.  Those who utilize EMDR still have memories of the traumatic events, but are less distressed by them. 

This treatment can benefit those facing many different mental health concerns. Primary targets can be: chronic anxiety, PTSD and phobia.  It is used to treat acute stress from experiencing or witnessing one-time traumatic events such as car accidents, burglaries, assaults and is also effective for processing trauma from adverse life experiences as a child or adult.  

There is extensive research validating its effectiveness as an evidence based practice and it has helped over two million people relieve many types of psychological distress, yet it has not been widely available because of the extensive specialized training required. The development of the therapy is also interesting as it began with using the eyes in bilateral movement and has evolved to sounds heard with the ears; pulses felt in the hands – or other bilateral movements that stimulate both sides of the brain.