Elliott Counseling Group


Bridging the Gap

Our Bridging the Gap program provides affordable, low cost, professional counseling services for as low as $27 per session, on a sliding scale, based on house hold size and income.

Covering a wide range of specialties and services, all individuals are shown genuine care and concern.

Bridging the Gap is taking enrollment for a limited time and availability.

If you, a child, or a loved one suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction or other concerns, call us today.

For more information or to register, call our Client Care Specialists at 217-398-9006.
Register early! This program fills quickly, and enrollment is limited!

Things you may be wondering about...

How long will these sessions be?
Each session is 45-50 minutes.

Who will I be seeing?
Bridging the Gap clients meet with a therapist working towards her license with Elliott Counseling Group, overseen by our Clinical Director.

How long is the Bridging the Gap program?
Starting in January 2020, clients will receive 12 sessions of counseling.

When should I register for the Bridging the Gap program?
Spaces are limited and this program fills quickly, so it’s important to reach out to our Client Care Team by calling 217-398-9006 right away! They can share more information, calculate your cost, as well as help you register.

If I’ve never participated in Bridging the Gap, or am not able to participate at this time, how can I use these services later?
By calling our Client Care Team at 217-398-9006, we will add you to our list of interested clients for future sessions. If determined to be clinically necessary, additional sessions can be offered as available.