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Veteran's Resources

Veterans Crisis Line

Call: 1-800-273-8255, press 1
Chat: veteranscrisisline.net
Text: 838-255
TTY: 1-800-799-4889

Help and Guidance for Veterans Seeking Help for PTSD and Substance Abuse

Today's veteran faces many challenges when returning home from war and working to integrate back into normal society. These concerns can make veterans feel alone and unsupported, but there is help available. Vets can get help for the mental health, substance abuse and psychological concerns they face, so they can start rebuilding life and moving on from the traumas of their service. This guide will help you find and access these services, so you can build a wall of support around yourself to help combat the realities of mental health concerns.

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Homeless Vets’ Guide to Finding a Home

This guide is intended to help veterans who are struggling to get the help they deserve. From help with homelessness to something as simple as a partner animal to help alleviate emotional trauma, these organizations, groups and services will support today’s vets, so they can enjoy a full, thriving and healthy civilian life.

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Supporting Our Heroes: Help for Veterans' Legal Concerns

This guide will showcase legal concerns, and then provide resources to help veterans get the critical help they need to move past these concerns and enjoy a normal, healthy, and stable civilian life.

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From Construction Sites to Constructed Housing: Resources for Homeless Veterans

According to the VA, as many as 80 percent of homeless Veterans suffer from mental health and/or substance use disorders. For homeless veterans to obtain stable employment, and the income needed to rent or purchase their own home, they need support and treatment to manage their mental health or substance use disorder.

A variety of programs are available both from the VA and other government agencies, as well as from a variety of non-profit organizations that have committed themselves to helping homeless veterans suffering from a mental health or substance use issue, to recover successfully.

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National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

If you are a homeless veteran or a veteran at risk of becoming homeless, these pages provide information that you can use to seek help. They include addresses, phone numbers, and websites to find out about services, programs, and other help that is available.

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Call the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans at 1-800-VET-HELP

The Real Warriors Campaign

The Real Warriors Campaign is a multimedia public awareness campaign through the Psychological Health Center of Excellence (PHCoE) to support the promotion of psychological health, reduce stigma of psychological health concerns and encourage help seeking behavior for service members, veterans and their families.

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