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Special Needs Resources

Low Vision Internet Gateway

The Low Vision Gateway was created to be your starting point to access information on the World Wide Web related to the fields of low vision rehabilitation and blindness. The purpose is not to present one approach or bias, but to provide access to all related information on the Internet. Read more here

Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities

This site will give you information on Cleaner Indoor Articles and Resource. Visit website here. 

Special Needs Safety Around Construction Sites

This comprehensive guide has been designed to provide safety best practices for seniors, disabled adults, and their caregivers to help them safely navigate construction sites. Also, it outlines the ADA’s recommended construction zone safety standards. If a worst-case scenario occurs, and you or a loved one is injured in a construction zone, this guide also offers actionable advice for how to react and respond. Read more here. 

Moving for Seniors and People with Disabilities

If you or a loved one will be moving, this guide has been designed to help educate seniors, disabled adults, and/or their loved ones and provide the helpful information necessary to plan and execute a safe, well-organized, and stress-free move. Read more here. 

Dyslexia Institute

Dyslexia is common in our world, yet it is often misunderstood or misconstrued due to lack of education and awareness. Luckily, there are organizations whose mission is to change the current understanding of Dyslexia, and to change the barriers individuals with Dyslexia face.

Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home

This resource compiles a list of tips to be aware of and help alleviate the symptoms at home. This piece facilitates safe, open conversations between you and your loved ones about how to best be supportive. Read more here


Home Modifications and Selling Your Home

Home improvements, modifications, and repairs can help older adults maintain their independence and prevent accidents. Work can range from simple changes, like replacing doorknobs with pull handles, to major structural projects such as installing a wheelchair ramp. From evaluating your needs to hiring a contractor this site will give you information to get started on your much needed home projects for the ones you love. 

Renters’ Rights for People with Disabilities

Under federal law, disabled tenants and prospective tenants with a disability have the right to apply for and live in a rental unit regardless of their impairment. When a landlord rejects disabled tenants based on the use of a discriminatory housing practice, they have violated the law. Who Qualifies as Disabled under the Fair Housing Acts? Read more here. 

Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice

To help ensure that you use available online health information to remain educated and informed about health risks and healthy lifestyle behaviors, this guide includes:

Read more here.