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Dear Community,           

Nothing so much as seeing November 1st on my date book makes me realize how fast time passes. The holidays will be upon us, the snow will be flying, and we will have another year in the rear-view mirror. Three months ago, I broke my leg and just today was released to weight-bearing-as-tolerated, so I've missed the usual pleasures of my favorite season. But with my injury, I've also gotten to learn a bit of humility. I've had meals brought to me and doors opened for me. I've been totally reliant on my husband, family, co-workers, and friends. I've had to ask for help. I've had to ask for accommodations.

We are so fragile. So very fragile. I know that you are possibly going through a hard time, too. Your mom has passed. There is a difficult anniversary. You can't snap out of sadness. You are in a problematic relationship or received a hard-to-swallow diagnosis. I hope that you can ask for the accommodations that you need. I hope that you can ask for an extra hand. Be brave and be strong... not in your self-reliance, but in your fragility.



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Sandra Ahten
CEO of Elliott Counseling 
and partner of Kevin Elliott

Wellness Center

Elliott Counseling Group has reorganized and added an Urbana campus location, while maintaining offices at Clark Street  and Tuscola. The new location at Lincoln Square is a Therapy and Wellness Center, and the Champaign location is refocused as a Family Center.

At the Wellness Center, some therapists specialize in holistic approaches, such as yoga therapy, aromatherapy, and meditation, along with more traditional therapeutic modalities.  Through, workshops, support groups, Lunch and Learns, and classes, we will provide the community with information and experiences, starting with ADHD coaching, a Chronic Illness group, and guidance groups centered around accountability during lifestyle changes. There is now a Therapy Dog on staff, and in January, a psychiatrist offering a holistic approach on medication management will join our team. Find out how to be first in line to be considered for your psychiatric services here. (Please note: Our psychiatrist is only seeing adult clients aged 18 years and older at this time.)

According to CEO, Sandra Ahten:

As scientists, the medical community and spiritual leaders all better understand the mind/body connection, we saw a need for our clients to access a variety of services, but from a trusted provider. We intend to be a one-stop shop for those who are in distress. In addition to providing many services at Elliott Counseling Group, we are also a referral service to other agencies and individual practitioners, whom we have vetted and trust. Urbana, and in particular Lincoln Square, is the perfect location for this, as it is becoming a hub for holistic care.

As we devote our Lincoln Square location to a Wellness Center, this allows us to focus on  our Clark St. location a Family Center. While we still serve individual adult clients, we have converted five rooms into Play Therapy spaces, creating room for children, adolescents, and teen clients to freely express themselves in a safe and comfortable area.

Call (217) 398-9066 to make an appointment at any of our three facilities.



Open House

To celebrate our Urbana-Campus opening, we are hosting an Open House. We welcome you, and your families to attend an evening filled with music, food, refreshments, and fun!

Friday, December 7th, 2018
Drop-In Anytime Between 5:00-7:00PM
201 Lincoln Square, Suite #154A in Urbana

Introducing our Newest Therapist-- Mack

We are excited to announce a new member of the Elliott Counseling team- our Therapy Dog, Mack! Mack and his trainer, another member of the Elliott Counseling Group staff, have been vigorously working over the past year to bring clients extra affection, comfort, and security in their sessions. Sessions with therapy dogs have a long list of benefits, including but not limited to a reduction in stress and anxiousness, an increase in memory recall, a feeling of comfort, safety, and companionship, and can act as a facilitator for individuals with speech or verbal communication difficulties-- especially for children on the Autism spectrum.
Mack is ready to provide his services to individuals of all ages, genders, and concerns. For more information on Therapy Dogs, you can visit our Animal Assisted Therapy page by clicking here.





Yoga Therapy at Elliott Counseling Group

Yoga Therapy is offered by Sheerine Bazargani, an Elliott Counseling Group licensed mental health counselor. Using yoga-based strategies during a therapeutic session for a range of issues- including stress reduction, emotional management, reduced tension, and self-awareness- you can be guided to a deeper sense of compassion for yourself and others. Yoga Therapy can create a safe space to explore and process difficult emotions.

The difference between a yoga class and a yoga therapy session are subtle. In a yoga class, your teacher will guide you through the poses and meditations, and will help you avoid injury- they will help you learn to practice yoga. In a yoga therapy session, your counselor will assess your mental health symptoms, lifestyle, physical limitations, and other health problems, and create a course of treatment that utilizes yoga-based interventions to specifically address your needs. Therapeutic yoga interventions include breathing exercises, meditations, postures, guided imagery, and also homework to apply what was learned. Your therapist may combine these with other more traditional approaches. Each session structure will be a collaborative decision between you and the therapist.