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Elliott Counseling Group News   |   June 2017

From Me to You

I am a big fan of Gretchen Ruben, author of The Happiness Project and co-host of the Happier Podcast. Recently she mentioned “designing your summer.” Gretchen wasn’t going to do any traveling, but had set the intention of having lunch with a friend three days per week. She says, “Adventures are what make a summer.”
Kevin and I have a summer tradition of taking a week-long 500 mile bike trip. This year we pushed ourselves and rode 730 miles in 9 days from St. Paul, MN to Canada, along the shore of Lake Superior.

You might not want the adventure of riding 730 miles, that’s almost assured, but what adventure (or even mini adventure) could you embark upon? How about a water experience once a week? (Paddle-boat at Crystal Lake; fish in the Middle Fork; swim in all the public pools.) How about visiting local museums or traveling to a nearby city (How lucky are we to live close to Chicago, St. Louis and Indy?)

It’s not too late. Don’t let the summer slip by. What intention can you set that will make this a summer to remember?


Learn more about Gretchen Ruben here

List to "Happier Podcast" here





Sandra Ahten
CEO, Elliott Counseling Group
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Transforming Self-Care

by Paige Spangler, LCPC

I think the term "self-care" needs to be updated because the term can be mistakenly applied to external experiences and therefore end up being more superfluous. Let's call it "spirit-care" instead. The word "spirit" comes from the Latin word "spiritus" which literally means "breath". By changing the focus to our spirit, and even more simply our breath, I think this gets below the surface and looks at the deeper core or essence of our being. Here are some ways to rethink how we care for ourselves with a focus on whole-spiritedness.

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Opportunities for Low Cost Counseling

Elliott Counseling Group is currently providing two opportunities for low cost therapy, Building a Better Life: Teen Skill Series and Bridging the Gap: Affordable Individual Counseling.

These programs allow us to provide quality counseling services for clients without insurance or who are Medicaid members. More information is available on our website.

Spaces are limited with few remaining, and registration will close 6/17/2017.

Call our Client Care Team to register now: (217)398-9066

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Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder

(& Other Executive Functioning Disorders)

Within our community, we are fortunate to have various organizations, support groups, and other resources that offer a place to connect as well as education, therapy, or psychiatry. The great thing about resources in our community is that they are accommodating - some are online, while others are in-person!

Recently we have added a page of resources to our website. Find information for support groups and more, here! We also have a group starting for parents of children (of any age) who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (and other executive functioning disorders), click here for more information.


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