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Photo Credit: Kevin Elliott

Dear Community,

"Slow down to speed up."

During the long course of winter, when we are all forced to slow down, I hope you are truly able to slow down.

Slow down in traffic --you will be safer.

Slow down in decision making, let the right decisions come to you.
Slow down in your walking; your hustle to get from the door to the car -- you won’t slip on the ice.
Slow down in your bathing, enjoy the luxury of the warm water.
Slow down in your breathing.
Slow down in your conversations. Get on the floor and listen to the children. Call your mother or another precious someone and stay on the line, ask her another question…and another.
Slow down in your contemplation. Whether your practice is prayer, meditation, reading, writing or deep thinking. Make time for it. Much time.

Spring will be here soon enough, with all that calls us to reawaken. Take time now for all that is quiet.

"Only infinite patience produces immediate results." 
(Marianne Williamson quoting The Course in Miracles.)

Hoping for peace in the world. Wishing you peace of mind.



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Sandra Ahten
CEO of Elliott Counseling 
and partner of Kevin Elliott

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Champaign Urbana is fortunate to have so many varied organizations, non profits, and special projects benefitting our community. One of the most unique opportunities offered, and a favorite of Elliott Counseling Group, is our local Books to Prisoners program; providing free books to prisoners all throughout Illinois.

While supported primarily through volunteers, this project strives to also provide a quality service opportunity for community members including students, retirees, and area professionals. Volunteers receive in depth training and educational materials during orientation, and gain a full understanding of how important their efforts are. Once volunteers are trained, they begin reading letter’s from prisoners detailing the books they’re requesting. Then, volunteers carefully select books for each individual prisoner from the Books to Prisoners library, and package them to be shipped- at no expense to the prisoner.

If you’re interested in getting involved, there are many ways you can help: donating books, helping select and package books, behind the scenes organizational management, donating money for shipping, and so much more. Find more information here.

photo from Books2Prisoners.org



Have books you want to contribute to the Books to Prisoners program? Leave them with any Elliott Counseling Group team-member and we’ll ensure they’re delivered. We have a collection box at our Clark street location- feel free to drop them in there any time!



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