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Animal Assisted Therapy Resources

The Scoop on Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is an up-and-coming approach that facilitates healing, supports emotional recovery, and can be a catalyst for positive change. During a therapy session, these furry companions provide affection and a sense of comfort to individuals of all ages and hardships. For more information, click here.

Children with Autism and Therapy Dogs

Conversations, language, and expression can be challenging for individuals with autism-- especially children-- and they often struggle to make connections with other human beings. During a session, a trained companion can help facilitate engagement, and ultimately aid to strengthen social skills, emotional connections, and provide unconditional support. This article examines the connection between autism and therapy dogs.

Animal-Assisted Therapy's Effect on Dementia

Dementia is an irreversible, degenerative disease that effects all aspects of brain functionality: cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, and socially. Although the disease is unwavering in the inability to completely halt its destructive progression, therapists can intervene with the use of animals to manage symptoms. Click here to read more.

Illini Service Dogs

llini Service Dogs has a mission to mobilize the world one step- or paw- at a time. As major advocates for disability rights, they have been providing their services to students since 2010. Their entire team is comprised of volunteers who get the opportunity to not only train the dogs, but to also engage with the disability community. Volunteer trainers are able to gain positive insight and perspectives centered around disability, as well as a positive cultural and social experience. Trained companions work with individuals who have physical disabilities free of charge, something Illini Service Dogs is very proud and humbled by. 

They can be located at 1206 South 4th St in Champaign, or emailed @ contactus@illinidogs.com

Elliott Counseling Group's Service Pup

We are thrilled to announce our newest therapist recruit... Meet Mack!

mack .png

Mack and his trainer (another Elliott Counseling Group team member) will spend the next year working through the rigorous training programs to ensure Mack is the best and most effective Co-Therapist possible. After completing his certificate through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs Association, Mack will be available to all clients for some extra affection during sessions, at no additional cost.

Elliott Counseling Group is ecstatic to break the mold within Champaign-Urbana, and with the help of Mack, continue to change and better the lives of its community.